Intuitive CounselI provide Spiritual Counsel by appointment.

Most readings last one hour, cost $108 & are customized according to my client’s primary focus &/or questions.

I work by way of the phone, or the internet via Zoom where I can record sessions & clients can call~in if they wish, or in person & at events. To become skilled at reading energy, I started offering Oracle Readings when I was 20 & more recently I certified & was ordained as a Reverend, a Spiritual Counselor, through Psychic Horizons Center’s Seminary School Clairvoyant & Animal Communication Programs.

My work is also informed by myriad workshops & extended personal study, which includes certificates in Heart Circle & Relationship Coaching™ through the Heart IQ™ Network.

Often I guide clients towards their life purpose, specific past lives that effect present time, future lives, relationships, releasing outdated beliefs & cultivating optimal health.

When I give a Spiritual Counsel Session I help clients:

● Understand the past
● Envision the future
● Align relationships
● Define next steps
● Ignite present time joy

I include Energy Healings as part of every Session.

Contact me for a reading soon!

Also, I work with small groups at events or by appointment & I offer distance healings & angel communications by email for $18 each time.